Lianyung Zhaohui Chemical Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Huarui Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Located in the picturesque city of Jintan in Jiangsu Province, south of the Yangtze River and close to the world-famous Shanghai Pudong Development Zone,  Lianyung Zhaohui Chemical Co., Ltd. enjoys advanced telecommunication facilities, convenient transportation, prosper market, and a large gathering of talents.
The company was established at the beginning of the 1990s, it occupies an area of 15000sqm with the floor area of 4000sqm, and over 30% of our employees have professional technical titles. We have set up long-period cooperative partner relationship with domestic and international appointed manufacturing enterprises. In 2010, the company established fine chemical production base-Lianyungang Zhaohui Chemical Co., Ltd. in Lingang Industrial Zone of Guanyun County.
Lianyungang Zhaohui Chemical Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Huarui Chemical Co., Ltd. It has registered capital of 14 million Yuan RMB, covers 80080sqm with the floor area of 22800sqm. The company owns more than 200 sets of 500~3000L reaction still and complete public service.
Relying on domestic and overseas market and management experience, we strive to be a modernized enterprise engaging in production, marketing and service of pharmaceutical intermediate, pesticide intermediate and fine chemicals. Insist on customer top, we hope to enhance service quality.

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